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ImageWE BUY Frank Tenney Johnson

Raymond Jonson (1891 - 1982)

After studying at the Portland Museum Art School, Raymond Jonson moved to Chicago, where he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts and also took classes at the Art Institute. During his formative Chicago period, he especially admired the work of Kandinsky, and in 1921 he participated in the city's most active Modernist movement, a group of young artists who called themselves Cor Ardens (flaming heart). In 1924 Jonson moved to Santa Fe, where he soon became known as a strong advocate of abstract painting, finding support among local Modernist painters, including B.J.O. Nordfeldt, Andrew Dasburg, Jozef Bakos, Willard Nash and Olive Rush. In 1938 he became a founding member of the avant-garde Transcendental Painting Group.

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