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WE BUY E.L. Blumenschein

ImageWE BUY E.L. Blumenschein

Ernest Blumenschein (1874 - 1960)

Upon his decision to pursue a career in art, Ernest Blumenschein enrolled at the Arts Student League in New York. He continued his training at the Academie Julien in Paris, where he met fellow students Joseph Henry Sharp, Bert Phillips and E.I. Couse, who inspired him to visit the American West. Blumenschein was sent on assignment to Taos by McClure's magazine in 1898. That famous trip, made with Bert Phillips, led to the founding of the art colony at Taos. By 1918, he settled permanently in Taos with his wife, Mary, also a highly successful artist, where the couple became the center of cultural life for the next five decades. The paintings of Ernest Blumenschein, a founding member of the Taos Society of Artists, are essential to the creation of the Taos artistic legend and continue to provide a contemporary perspective to the magic, myth and meaning of the Taos experience.

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