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WE BUY Albert Looking Elk

WE BUY Albert Looking Elk

Albert Looking Elk (1888-1940)

Albert Martinez, better known as Albert Looking Elk, entered the art world as a model when he was around twelve years old. At first reluctantly posing for Irving Couse, a founding member of the Taos Society of Artist, he went on to make a career modeling for artists. Later, his wife and children would also work as artist models. Looking Elk took his first and only art lessons from Oscar Berninghaus, another Taos Society of Artists founder. By 1917, if not earlier, Berninghaus set up Looking Elk with his first basic painting equipment including oils, easel, brushes, and canvas. He also received attention from the Taos Valley News in the July 16, 1918 edition: "Taos has a native artist . . . Albert Martinez of the Pueblo . . . He has painted a number of pictures of merit, several of which he has been able to sell at a fair price."

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